What to expect:

Pine View Farm is a fully maintained farm in a nice farm setting. We have ample grassed parking areas. Customers enter by the sales pavilion where you are provided with a saw and a tree cart, if desired. Currently, you have five fields to choose from, all of which are inter-connected by woodland trails. All of the fields contain mixed species of varying heights up to about ten feet. You can take as much time as you like enjoying the scenery, cutting your tree and returning to the sales pavilion. If desired, we will bale your tree (place netting around the tree to make it easier to transport the tree) and bring it to your vehicle.

We have free candy canes and stickers for the kids. A free tree disposal bag and a brochure about the farm is also provided. We also have a variety of beautiful hand-crafted wreaths and other decorations made by us with fresh greens from our fields.

All our trees, fields, trails and parking areas are maintained year around. We take great pride in condition and beauty of our farm. Long experience has taught us however, that weather plays a significant role in the condition of the property on any given day. December sales days often find cold, wet conditions. It is important to wear proper gear for the elements. We have many dedicated customers as well as new customers each year. Customers come from local areas and all portions of the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas. In view of the very high demand for our trees, we are generally open only one or two weekends in December. Our sales dates are based on the number of trees which we have available for sale. This helps to ensure that we will have a variety of trees of varying heights in succeeding years. Please make sure that you check our home page for our harvest dates.

What to bring with you:

You should bring a warm coat, good boots and gloves. We provide sharp bow saws and tree carts for bringing trees back from the fields. We will also bale your tree for you and secure it to your vehicle, if desired. We also provide twine if you would like to tie your tree to your vehicle. Ratchet straps are helpful for securing a tree to a vehicle but not necessary.

Please note that Pine View Farm is a working farm. There are no buildings in the immediate vicinity of the farm entrance or the tree fields nor are there any rest room facilities.

We have a fine staff consisting of Steidle family members, friends and relatives. All are experienced, helpful and courteous. If needed, we will help you cut your tree and answer any questions that you may have. We provide a brochure about the farm that includes tree care information. While we are not experts on every subject we do have a good deal of knowledge regarding the species of trees grown and proper care of the trees.